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Our mission is to support and promote a local food economy that is environmentally sustainable.
We work with small-scale growers and organic UK producers to bring you a fresh, healthy and delicious seasonal menu as well as our own breads, cakes and patisserie.

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Pumpkin Soup
Marble Surface


Our autumn menu and specials feature locally grown and organic squash and pears, as well as some great Somerset cheeses. New from the bakery we have gluten-free scones, vegan, gluten free pancakes and apple-spiced granola. 

Breakfast just got a lot more inviting with our own take on eggs Benedict as well as our signature omelette using free-range eggs from Butleigh.

Organic Red Hokkaido Squash and Casperita pumpkins take centre stage in a couple of dishes on this month's menu. Red Hokkadio has a sweet, meaty texture and lends itself to simple roasting.  We serve it with a quinoa and lentil pilaf and mushroom sauce. We also use it in our Autumn Salad, with kale and blue cheese. Cauliflower and green kale from Devon are now in season and and frequent stars in our house curry that changes weekly.

We're making gluten-free clementine cake with organic clementines from Spain, and  a warming crumble using organic Kent pears.

From this fields this month...

Our Wines


Currently we have a Grüner Veltliner from Austria, Viognier from France, a Barrel-aged Verdejo from Spain, Grenache Rosé from France, St Laurent from Austria and an Old Vine Garnacha from Spain. All our wines follow sustainable or organic practices in the vineyards and production.

We offer fantastic quality and unique wines from some of Europe's top producers in stylish 250ml cans. As shown by recent awards won at Drinks Business Masters Series Autumn Blind Tasting, our wines are all about quality over quantity. They deliver a genuine and more sustainable alternative to bottles without compromising on the juice.


Our wines come in infinitely recyclable cans, are more efficient to transport and chill. Overall, research has shown that canned wine can reduce the carbon footprint by over 70% per litre compared to bottled wine!


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