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Fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced are all popular buzz-words these days, but taken together they produce food which, not only can you feel better about, but  in which you can taste the difference. 

Food made from scratch, using vegetables that have been freshly-picked, or meat from local farms, does taste better. We are proud of our menu because every element has been grown, harvested, mixed and baked with love and care, and with a shared intention to make something good.

One more #cake pic for the road! Chocola
Lemon Meringue Pie 🍋_-_-_-_#hundredmonkeys #hundredmonkeyscafe #lemonmeringuepie #pie #ta

Tea and Cake

 Each day we create a display of cakes, cookies and desserts to meet every need or dietary requirement.

Much of our bakery menu is gluten-free, vegan or both, and we make the most of seasonal fruit when it's available. 

Our tea menu offers  a choice of over 20 high quality loose leaf teas, herbal teas and special herbal mixes, in addition to a simple builder's tea.

Our teas are also available to buy through our online shop.

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